This page sets out the Agenda for the SVG meeting 208 set for 29 May 2018. All documents relating to the meeting are also listed on this page.

1. Apologies – Kathryn Coffin

Part I: Open Session

2. MDD Change Requests for Version 269 – SVG208/01 – Josh Kalsi

3. Changes to Operational Information Document for equipment with variable loads) – SVG208/02 – Adam Jessop

4. CP1505 ‘Allowing ‘off site’ Commissioning of current transformers preinstalled in cut outs or switchgear at manufacture for use in Low Voltage (LV) installations’ – SVG208/03 – Edwin Foden

Information papers

5. CP1507 ‘Updates to BSCP520 to align with working practices and UMSUG recommendations’ – SVG208/04 – Harry Parsons


6. Design Working Group update – Kevin Spencer

7. Unmetered Supplies User Group update – Kevin Spencer

8. Software Technical Advisory Group update – Matthew McKeon

Tabled items

9. Headlines of BSC Panel Meeting 278

10. BSC Operations Headline Report

11. Change Report

Other business

10. Actions (no open actions)

Next meeting

Tuesday 3 July 2018


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