SVG 210


This page sets out the Agenda for the SVG meeting 209 set for 31 July 2018. All documents relating to the meeting are also listed on this page.

1. Apologies – Kathryn Coffin

Part I: Open Session

2. MDD Change Requests for Version 272 – 210/01 – Josh Kalsi

3. CP1507 ‘Updates to BSCP520 to align with working practices and UMSUG recommendations’  – 210/02  – Edwin Foden


4. ISG deferral of CP1505 ‘Off site Commissioning of current transformers’ – Edwin Foden

5. P344 ‘Project TERRE’ industry working groups  – Chris Wood / Sasha Townsend

6. Design Working Group – Kevin Spencer

7. Approval to hold Unmetered Supplies User Group meeting – Kevin Spencer

Tabled items

8. Headlines of BSC Panel Meeting 280 – Andy Knowles

9. BSC Operations Headline Report – Panel 280/02

10. Change Report – Panel 280/03


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