This page sets out the Agenda for the SVG meeting 214 set for 4 December 2018. All public documents relating to the meeting are also listed on this page.

1.Apologies – Kathryn Coffin

Part I: Open Session

Decision papers

2.MDD Change Requests for Version 276 – 214/01 – Josh Kalsi

3.CP1510 – ‘Allow the online management of registrations, Market Entry and Market Exit’ – 214/02 – Matthew Woolliscroft

Information papers

4.CP1513 ‘Updates to BSCP601, CoP3 and CoP5’ – 214/03 – Danielle Pettitt


5.Profiling Expert Group – Kevin Spencer

6.Design Working Group’s preferred Target Operating Model for Market-wide Half Hourly Settlement – Slides to follow – Kevin Spencer

7.Software Technical Advisory Group – Matt McKeon

Tabled items

8.Headlines of BSC Panel Meeting 284 – Kathryn Coffin

9.BSC Operations Headline Report – Panel 284/02

10.Change Report – Panel 284/03

Other business

11.Actions (no open actions) – Kathryn Coffin

12.Minutes from previous meeting (no comments received) – Kathryn Coffin

13.Matters arising – All

14.Request for feedback on committee process – Peter Stanley

Next meeting

Tuesday 8 January 2019


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