1.Apologies – Oli Meggitt

Decision Papers

2.MDD Change Requests for Version 308 – SVG241/01 – Freya Gardner
3.LLF Audit Results – SVG241/09 – Sedef Kiris
4.UMSUG Updates to the Operational Information Document (OID) – SVG241/05 – Freya Gardner
5.Metering Dispensation D/517 – New Cross Tunnel Boring Machine SVG241/02 – Mike Smith
6.Metering Dispensation D/516 – Moray East Offshore Wind Farm SVG241/03 – Christopher Day
7.Approval of P383 Configurable Item for the April 2021 Release SVG241/04 – Nathan Flood

Information Papers

8.CP1540 ‘Strengthening the Qualification – Change of Ownership Process’ Progression Paper – SVG241/08 – Nicholas Brocklesby
9.CP1541 ‘Use of DTC data flow D0004 in Half Hourly Sector […]’ Progression Paper – SVG241/06 – Andrew Grace
10.CP1542 ‘Transfer the obligation to visit de-energised sites […]’ Progression Paper – SVG241/07 – Paul Wheeler

Tabled Items

11.BSC Operations Headline Report
12.Change Report

Other Items

13.Actions – Paige Binet/Oli Meggitt
14.Panel Update – Tom Edwards
15.Minutes from previous meeting – Paige Binet/Oli Meggitt
16.Any other business – All

Next Meeting

Tuesday 6 April 2021



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