1.Apologies-Victoria Moxham

Decision Papers

2.CP1547 ‘Clarification on the Site Specific Line Loss Factor Calculation Process for Embedded Licensed Distribution System Operators’ Assessment Report-SVG247/03-Jenny Sarsfield
3.CP1543 ‘Use of DTC dataflow D0051 in the Half Hourly sector’ Assessment Report-SVG247/04-Andrew Grace
4.CP1546 Update-SVG247/Verbal-Andrew Grace
5.MDD Change Requests for Versions 315 & 316-SVG247/01-Wayne Jenkins
6.LLF Methodology Audit Report 2022/23-SVG247/02-Sedef Kiris

Information Papers

7.Protocol Approval ASLH Various Outstations-SVG247/06-Chris Day
8.Update on the exempt application issues-SVG247/05-Lorna Lewin
9.SVG 2022 Meeting Dates-SVG247/07-Victoria Moxham
10.ADR Update
11.Change Report

Other Items

12.Actions-Paige Binet/Victoria Moxham
13.Panel Update-Tom Edwards
14.Minutes from previous meeting-Paige Binet/Victoria Moxham
15.Any other business-All

Next Meeting
Tuesday 5 October 2021


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