1.Apologies-Victoria Moxham

Decision Papers

2.MDD Change Requests for Versions 318 & 319-SVG250/01-Temitope Bashorun
3.CP1459 ‘Amendment of BSCP516 to clarify the criteria for Non-Domestic SVA Metering Systems to be allocated to Profile Classes 3 or 4’-SVG250/02-Aylin Ocak
4.CP1551 ‘Updates to BSCP601 to reflect updates to the Measuring Instruments Regulations’-SVG250/03-Aylin Ocak
5.CP1532 request to amend Implementation from February to June 2022-SVG250/04-Ivar Macsween
6.Housekeeping Change Proposal to align CP1532 solution with REC baseline’-SVG250/05-Ivar Macsween

Information Papers

7.110-B ‘Adding P-flows to the BSCP70 and Communication Requirements Document-SVG250/06-Stanley Dikeocha
8.CP1546 ‘Dataflow Implementation update-SVG250/07 – verbal update with attachments (no cover paper)-Stanley Dikeocha

Tabled Items

9.ADR Update-Jason Jackson
10.Change Report

Other Items

11.Actions-Victoria Moxham
12.Panel Update-Tom Edwards
13.Minutes from previous meeting-Victoria Moxham
14.Any other business-All

Next Meeting
Tuesday 11 January 2022


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