1.  Apologies – Victoria Moxham

Part I: Confidential Session – Removed from the Public Agenda

Part I: Public Session

2.  MDD Change Requests for Version 325 – SVG257/01 – Dneiper Cruz
3.  CP1558 ‘New Registration data items to facilitate MHHS’ – SVG257/02 – Aylin Ocak
4.  New CP ‘Updating BSCP520 to address operational issues in the Central Management System’ – SVG257/03 – Jenny Sarsfield
5.  Compliance and Protocol Approvals – Prometer 100 firmware amendment and SMS and Npower protocol approvals – SVG257/04 – Mike Smith
6.  Compliance Approvals – New Outstation requirements due to CP1527- SVG257/05 – Mike Smith
7.  New CP ‘Introducing the CVA Commissioning End to End Check’ – SVG257/06 – Stanley Dikeocha
8.  MDD process following REC implementation – Verbal update – Sedef Kiris

Tabled Items

9. Change Report

Other Items

10. Actions – Victoria Moxham
11. Panel Update – Tom Edwards
12. Any other business – All

Next Meeting: Tuesday 2 August 2022


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