P079 – Revised Rules for Default Energy Imbalance Pricing

Formal title: Revised Rules for Default Energy Imbalance Pricing

Current Status

Initial Written Assessment
Assessment Procedure
Report Phase
With Authority


The BSC energy imbalance price default rules should be amended so that they better facilitate the achievement of the Applicable BSC Objectives. In particular an Offer, or Bid, should not be a candidate for setting the default System Buy or Sell Price respectively, unless there is some applicable volume which would be available to NGC if it had chosen to accept the Offer or Bid. For example, in the case of an Offer from a producing BM Unit, if there is any separation between MEL and the FPN. Also, whatever adjustment (addition or subtraction) to the relevant system price from BSAD data would have occurred had there been a valid calculation, should be made to the default price.


The Authority rejected the Proposed Modification on 7 March 2003.


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