Formal title: Introduction of Zonal Transmission Losses on an Average Basis.

Current Status

Initial Written Assessment
Assessment Procedure
Report Phase
With Authority


It is proposed that the BSC be modified to give effect to a zonal differentiation in the allocation of the volume of transmission losses, similar to that set out for the Pool in 1997. For each GSP Group a single Transmission Loss Factor (TLF) would be derived ex ante for application to generation and supply throughout the coming year April to March. The manner in which these would be calculated would be under the governance of the BSC. In principle, nodal marginal TLFs would be derived for a representative collection of historic power system conditions during the previous year January to December. Zonal marginal TLFs would be derived from these nodal figures by demand-weighted averaging, and then annual zonal marginal TLFs would be derived by time-weighted averaging.


The BSC Panel recommended that both the Proposed and Alternative Modifications should not be made. The Authority reconsidered its decision to approve P82 and subsequently rejected the Modification Proposal on 30 January 2004.


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