Formal title: Introducing the ability for a BSC Party to request urgent status and for it to be considered by the Authority

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Section F of the Balancing and Settlement Code (BSC) contains the rules for raising Modification Proposals. The process allows for BSCCo or the Transmission Company to recommend to the Panel Chairman that a Modification Proposal should be treated as an urgent Modification Proposal and for timetable to be expedited. However, there is no explicit formal process for the raising party to request a Modification proposal be afforded urgent status and for that request to be considered by the Authority. The Modification is proposing to introduce a process that supports the aforementioned defect. BGT also believe there may be some value in clarifying the basis upon which a request for urgency can be granted and this could be considered further by the Modification Group.


The Authority approved the Proposed Modification on 26 July 2005.


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