P213 – Facilitating microgeneration (Optional Single MPAN)

Formal title: Facilitating microgeneration (Optional Single MPAN)

Current Status

Initial Written Assessment
Assessment Procedure
Report Phase
With Authority


This Modification Proposal seeks to amend the current provisions for Non Half Hourly settlement of micro-generation by removing the requirement for the Supplier to request a separate Meter Point Administration Number (MPAN) for the Export register of the meter. The purpose of this change is to reduce the complexity of the settlement process for Suppliers and Supplier Agents, and hence facilitate increased settlement of Microgeneration export


The BSC Panel considered the P213 Modification Report at their meeting on 13 September. The BSC Panel agreed a recommendation to the Authority that both P213 and P213 Alternative should not be made. Proposed and Alternative Modifications were rejected by the Authority on 22 October 2007.


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