Formal title: Facilitating Microgeneration within the BSC

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The Modification is to create a process to allow more microgeneration to be accounted for within the settlement process by treating it in a similar way to NHH unmetered supplies. Each supplier will have a single Pseudo Meter (MPAN) in each GSP group. The supplier will keep a schedule of all sites where they have microgeneration including the type and kW rating of the generation. This will be sent to a new agent (Microgeneration Export Operator) who will use an agreed calculation to create a single export EAC based on a supplier’s aggregated microgeneration within each GSP group and assign it to the relevant pseudo meter (MPAN). This will then be passed into settlements as per normal, and will be netted off the supplier’s take by the relevant NHHDA.


P218 was raised by Good Energy on 23 October 2007. The BSC Panel approved a 4-month Assessment Procedure which was completed. The BSC Panel considered the draft Modification Report at their meeting on 10 April and agreed a recommendation that neither P218 Proposed nor Alternative should be made. The Authority rejected both the Proposed and Alternative Modifications on 20 May 2008.


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