Formal title: Consistency between Forecast and Outturn Demand

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This proposal seeks submission and publication of additional data on the BMRS in order to improve consistency, clarity and detail of forecast and Out-turn demand information, and allow further comparison of forecast and Out-turn data than can be achieved at present. This should give participants more and better information in relation to forecast and Out-turn demand, allowing more efficient operation of the market. P219 seeks to achieve this by providing two sets of data to the BMRS for both, Demand forecast and Demand out-turn. P219 will also introduce the definition of Transmission System Demand (into the BSC) which will be aligned with the definitions in the Grid Code.


P219 was raised on 26 October 2007 by National Grid. BSC Panel’s recommendation was that the Proposed Modification should be made. The Authority approved the Proposed Modification on 02 April 2008. P219 was implemented as part of the November 2008 BSC Systems Release on 6 November 2008.


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