Formal title: Provision of New Data Items for Improving Market Information

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The main defect this Modification proposal seeks to address is that the current market information does not fully meet the needs of the industry, as indicated by the industry feedback to the Transmission Company’s recent consultation. The industry has also suggested that the key market information is scattered at a number of websites and is not available on a single platform. In particular, there is no daily summary page available for key electricity market information (as is the case for gas) to enable market participants to see quickly the key electricity market operational parameters. The proposed change would lead to the provision of additional information requested by the market, which, in conjunction with the existing market information, could be published in a more user friendly way to deliver a summary page. The summary page when delivered will include a mix of current information already available to the market and the new information referred to in this Modification.


BSC Panel’s recommendation was that the Proposed Modification should not be made and the Alternate Modification should be made. The Authority approved the Alternative Modification on 02 April 2008. P220 was implemented as part of the November 2008 BSC Systems Release on 6 November 2008. Alternative Modification P220 was approved by the Authority on 2 April 2008.


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