Formal title: Provision of EAC and AA data to Distributors

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This proposal seeks to implement a solution where DSOs receive estimated annual consumption (EAC) or annualised advance (AA) information for non half hourly sites where use of system charges are settled on an aggregated basis (i.e. where consumption data is provided by the D0030 flow). It is proposed that this information be provided by the non half-hourly data collector sending a D0019 flow to the relevant DSO. This Modification proposal follows on from work undertaken as part of Issue 31.


BSC Panel’s recommendations are that the Proposed Modification should not be made and the Alternative Modification should be made. The Authority approved the Alternative Modification on 18 July 2008. P222 was implemented as part of the June 2009 BSC Systems Release on 25 June 2009.


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