Formal title: Treatment of Exemptable Generation Connected to Embedded Offshore Transmission Networks

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Currently offshore Exemptable Generators, that are connected via 132kV cables to a Distribution network, are treated in the same way as onshore Exemptable Embedded Generators.In June 2010 the Offshore Transmission Arrangements are due to ‘Go Live’. These arrangements will consider such 132kV offshore cables to be part of the transmission system. The Modifications to the BSC for the Offshore Transmission Arrangements ‘Go Live’ will mean offshore Exemptable Generators would be treated in the same way as a directly-connected Generator, as they would be considered to be directly connected to the transmission network.P242 proposes that the BSC is changed to allow offshore Exemptable Generators to be treated as Embedded Generators responsible for Metering at the deemed boundary point and responsible for the transmission losses on the Embedded transmission assets they use.The Authority rejected this Modification as it did not believe that better facilitates the achievement of the Applicable BSC Objectives. Please refer to the Authority letter below.


On 21 January, the Authority rejected Proposed Modification P242.


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