P259 Provision of Applicable Balancing Service Volumes for Interconnectors

Formal title: Provision of Applicable Balancing Service Volumes for Interconnectors

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The Grid Code requires Interconnectors built after 1 April 2005 to provide Mandatory Frequency Response to the System Operator. The Transmission Company submits volume data to Settlement to account for energy imbalance caused by Frequency Response provision, but will not know to which BM Unit this data should be assigned. Incorrectly assigned data exposes the Interconnector Error Administrator to Imbalance Charges.
P259 aims to ensure volume data is assigned to the correct BM Unit. It also proposes the Balancing Mechanism Reporting Service publishes Interconnector information equivalent to that reported for other BM Units.


National Grid raised P259 on 4 May 2010. At its meeting on 9 September, the BSC Panel confirmed its recommendation that P259 should be made. The BSC Panel also recommended an implementation date of 31 March 2011 if an Authority decision was received on or before 21 October 2010, or the next available Release occurring not less than 26 weeks if a decision is received after 21 October 2010.
The Final Modification Report was sent to the Authority on 10 September 2010. On 4 November, the Authority rejected this Modification.

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