Formal title: Two-thirds majority requirement for Panel recommendations on licence originated Modifications

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From time to time, the licensee (National Grid) may be obligated to raise Modifications to amend the BSC. For example, when directed by the Authority due to the conclusion of a Significant Code Review (SCR).
P264 proposes that when the BSC Panel votes to determine their final recommendation on a Modification the Licensee as been obligated to raise, a two-thirds majority will be required. If a two-thirds majority is not reached, the Modification will be progressed as recommended for rejection.


On 2 August Drax Power Limited submitted P264. The Assessment Report for P264 was presented to Panel 183 on 12 May 2011.  The Final Modification report was presented to the Panel on 9 June 2011 and subsequently sent to the Authority for decision. The Authority rejected P264. The Authority’s letter setting out its views and National Grid’s accompanying notice are found on the table below.

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