Formal title: Improving the allocation of Reactive Power flows between Import and Export Metering Systems

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P266 seeks to revise the BSC to allow Reactive Power to be allocated to the Party responsible for the associated flow of Active Power (either Import or Export). The aim is to resolve anomalies in the allocation of Reactive Power flows on sites where Import demand (supplied by a Licensed Supplier) and Export from Exemptable Generating Plant (e.g. embedded wind powered generators) share a common connection to the Distribution System.


Scottish and Southern Energy raised P266 on 1 October 2010. P266 had a four-month assessment. The BSC Panel reconfirmed its initial recommendation that the Proposed Modification P266 should be made.
The final Modification Report was sent to the Authority for decision on 14 March 2011.

The Authority approved Proposed Modification P266 on 15 April 2011 for implementation as part of the February 2012 BSC Systems Release on 23 February 2012.

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