Formal title: Consideration of wider industry developments and duration of proposed changes when agreeing progression timetables

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The development of the Smart Energy Code over the next few years will require thought into the interoperability of arrangements and governance to ensure compatibility between the existing arrangements and a ‘Smart world’.

To ensure that this period of transition is managed in a stable manner; P267 seeks to place a clear requirement on the BSC Panel to consider wider industry developments (e.g. the development of the Smart Metering Arrangements /Smart Energy Code), and to take account of the likely longevity of a proposed change in the BSC when agreeing a timetable for progression of a change.

This new requirement should also apply to the terms of reference of the Panel Committees and Modification Groups.


RWE npower withdrew P267 on 9 February 2011. The BSC Panel will consider the IWA at its meeting on 10 February 2011.

The Proposer has withdrawn their Modification as after consideration, they acknowledge that the BSC already allows the Panel to set a timetable to consider changes and to defer consideration until they have more information available.

The Proposers main concern related to the potential to implement changes which will be either obsolete or short-lived (i.e. quickly replaced by new arrangements) due to developments in the wider industry (i.e. new Smart Meter arrangements). Implementing such short lived changes could potentially be costly.

Discussions with the Proposer has made it clear that this issue would be better addressed outside of the Modification process by reviewing the Panel Committees Terms of Reference and providing the ability for Panel Committees to appropriately defer changes. As noted in the Elexon Business Plan, Elexon is planning to undertake a review of such process and will ensure that this issue is considered and developed as part of that work.

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