Formal title: Prevention of Base Trading Unit BMUs’ Account Status Flipping from Consumption to Production (the “Flipping” mod)

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P269 prevents the P/C Status of BM Units in Base Trading Units ‘flipping’ from Consumption to Production if the level of embedded generation increases.

‘Flipping’ could result in Imbalance Charges for all Suppliers, and for some Exempt Export BM Units relating to Exemptable Generating Plant.

To avoid this risk, P269 gives all BM Units in Base Trading Units a fixed P/C Status of Consumption (with the exception of any Exempt Export BM Units which have already chosen, or which subsequently chose, to be Production).


SmartestEnergy raised P269 on 3 February 2011. It had a 4-month Assessment Procedure by a Workgroup, and underwent industry consultation twice.

The Panel approved P269 on 11 August 2011 for implementation on 23 February 2012. P269 is a Self-Governance Modification Proposal – meaning that the Panel, not Ofgem, decided whether to approve or reject the change.

P269 has been progressed in parallel with related change P268, which was also be implemented on 23 February 2012.

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