Formal title: Correcting the BSC description of the CDCA to SVAA interface for GSP Group net Export

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The BSC describes how Grid Supply Point (GSP) Group Take data is entered into Settlement.  P279 changes this description so it works for both Import and Export by a GSP Group.

GSP Group Take is the net energy from/to a particular Distribution System in a Settlement Period.  Distribution Systems usually Import overall, since they traditionally take energy from the Transmission System to meet network demand.  But increased embedded (distribution-connected) generation means that these days, in the right circumstances, a GSP Group could be a net Exporter of energy onto the Transmission System.

The current BSC wording implies that any Export by a GSP Group should be treated as an Import volume in Settlement.  The BSC Panel agrees that this is clearly incorrect and would damage Settlement accuracy.  The Panel has raised P279 to resolve this issue.


The BSC Panel raised P279 at its meeting on 13 October 2011 and to progressing P279 straight to industry consultation as a Self-Governance change. It was implemented on 10 January 2012.

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