P288 – Aligning Supplier Charge SP08a calculation with current practice

Formal title: Aligning Supplier Charge SP08a calculation with current practice

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Supplier Charges applicable to Performance Assurance Reporting and Monitoring System (PARMS) Serial SP08a “Percentage of Non-Half Hourly (NHH) Energy Settled on Annual Advances” are currently, and have always been calculated using underperformance values to 1 decimal place. However the BSC requires underperformance values for SP08a to be rounded to 2 d.p. for the Supplier Charge calculation.

Modification P288 proposes to amend BSC Section S, Annex S-1 to reflect that underperformance calculated for SP08a uses 1 d.p. instead of 2d.p.

This Modification was recommended to the Panel by the Performance Assurance Board (PAB), in order to avoid the cost impact on parties of making the associated system changes to calculate underperformance using values to 2 d.p. By aligning the Code with the current practice there will be no impact on parties as the current practice will continue.


The Panel agreed to raise Modification P288 at its meeting on 08 November 2012. The Modification was submitted directly to the Report Phase, and underwent an Industry consultation.

The Panel agreed that P288 meets the Self-Governance Criteria, and  approved P288 at its meeting on 13 December 2012.

BSC Parties had 15 Working Days from the Panel’s decision to appeal the approval of P288 to Ofgem. This 15-Working-Day-period expired on 7 January 2013. As no appeals wee notified, P288 was implemented, in accordance with the Panel’s determination, on 08 January 2013.



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