Formal title: Clarifying BSC SBR definitions to align with the BSAD and SMAF Methodology Statements

Current Status

Initial Written Assessment
Assessment Procedure
Report Phase
With Authority
Awaiting Implementation


P328  proposes to amend the definitions of Supplemental Balancing Reserve (SBR) and SBR Action in the BSC as modified by P323 ‘Enabling inclusion and treatment of SBR in the Imbalance Price’. This would align the definitions with the recent changes to the C16 Licence Statements: Balancing Services Adjustment Data (BSAD) and System Management Action Flagging (SMAF) Methodology Statements, which the Authority has since approved.


National Grid  raised P328 on 6 November 2015 and has requested that P328 be treated as urgent. Under Urgency, the normal progression timetables of a Modification can be shortened and usual processes are not necessarily applied.

Elexon presented the P328 Initial Written Assessment to the Panel at its meeting on 12 November 2015. The Panel recommended to the Authority that BSC Modification P328 ‘Clarifying BSC SBR definitions to align with the BSAD and SMAF Methodology Statements’ should:

  • be treated as an Urgent Modification Proposal;
  • be progressed to a timetable, if urgent status is granted, such that the Authority decides on approval at the same time that it grants urgent status;
  • be implemented one Working Day following approval; and
  • better facilitates Objectives (a) and (d) and should therefore be approved.

On 13 November 2015, the Authority determined that P328 will be treated as an Urgent Modification Proposal and has approved the progression timetable for P328. In accordance with the timetable, the Authority has approved P328 with an Implementation Date of 16 November 2015 as a Standalone BSC Release.


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