Formal title: Inclusion of Non-BM STOR costs and volumes into the cashout price in time for publication after the end of the Settlement Period

Current Status

Initial Written Assessment
Assessment Procedure


ENGIE raised P334 on 28 January 2016. Non Balancing Mechanism (BM) Short Term Operating Reserve (STOR) data is currently required to be included in the initial estimated Balancing Services Adjustment Data (BSAD) submitted by the Transmission Company and used to calculate cashout prices following a Settlement Period. Individual items of BSAD are not currently identified in the BSC. P334 would specify in the BSC that Non-BM STOR data is included in the initial BSAD submission.


The Initial Written Assessment (IWA) was presented to the Panel on 11 February with a recommendation that P334 should progress directly to the Report Phase with an initial recommendation to reject.

The Proposer decided to withdraw the Modification before the Panel made its decision on the progression of P334.


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