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Modification: P347

Reduction in R1 Read Requirement for Half Hourly Sites

Proposer: Npower

Current Phase: Implemented

Implementation Date: 01 April 2017


There is concern that a performance level of 99% may not be achievable for Data and Communications Company (DCC) enrolled Meters following the smart meter rollout.

This target is seen as a barrier to Suppliers moving to Elective Half Hourly (HH) Settlement because during and following the smart meter rollout it may not be possible to achieve this target. This could cause increased agent costs for Suppliers.

This Modification seeks to reduce the R1 Read requirement to 90% for Measurement Classes “F” and “G”.



On 19 January the Panel considered the Sendback Direction from the Authority and approved the revised Final Modification Report for P347. The Panel maintained its recomendation to the Authority that P347 should be rejected. The revised Final Modification Report was submitted to the Authority for decision on 19 January 2017.

On 30 January 2017 the Authority determined that P347 should be Approved and implemented on 1 April 2017.

P347 was implemented on 1 April 2017.


P347 Assessment Procedure Consultation  [589.7 Kb]
Document Date: 30 September 2016

P347 Initial Written Assessment  [341.3 Kb]
Document Date: 14 July 2016

P347 - Assessment Report  [1.1 Mb]
Document Date: 3 November 2016

P347 - Report Phase Consultation  [1.2 Mb]
Document Date: 11 November 2016

P347 - Final Modification Report  [1.3 Mb]
Document Date: 16 December 2016

P347 - Send-back letter  [73.2 Kb]
Document Date: 10 January 2017

P347 - Authority Decision Letter  [194.2 Kb]
Document Date: 30 January 2017

P347 National Grid Approval Letter  [123.2 Kb]
Document Date: 10 February 2017