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Modification: P360

Making the BSC’s imbalance price compliant with the European Balancing Guideline

Proposer: National Grid

Current Phase: Assessment Procedure

Lead Analyst: Jemma Williams

Category: Pricing

Implementation Date: 1 November 2018 (November 2018 Release)


The European Electricity Balancing Guideline (EB GL) is expected to become law in 2017. The current BSC imbalance price calculations will not be compliant with Article 55 of the Guideline.  It will be necessary for the BSC imbalance price calculations to be compliant within one year of the Guideline becoming law. This Modification proposes changes to the BSC to ensure that compliance is achieved.


P360 was raised by National Grid on 7 September 2017. The IWA was presented to the BSC Panel at its meeting on 14 September 2017. At the BSC Panel meeting, the BSC Panel asked that the first Workgroup meeting focus on Article 55 Derogation, specifically in relation to the cost profile and implementation timetable.

The first Workgroup meeting was held on 5 October 2017. A verbal update on the outcome of the meeting discussioned was  provided at the October Panel meeting. The seocnd Workgroup meeting was held on 2 November 2017.

ELEXON are working with National Grid to investigate the timescales for the analysis required for the next Workgroup.


P360 - Proposal Form  [435.8 Kb]
Document Date: 7 September 2017