P363: simplifying registration of new configurations of BM Units

Formal title: Simplifying the registration of new configurations of BM Units

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The non-standard Balancing Mechanism (BM) Unit application process is time-consuming for each site, requiring a lead time of 60 working days (WD) as opposed to the 30WD required for a standard BM Unit.

Improvements in design, cost efficiency and commercial opportunities for renewable and smaller scale generator technologies has led Elexon to progress an increasing number of non-standard BM Unit applications. Elexon believes the number will continue to increase after conducting a review of Metering Dispensations and non-standard BM Units, reporting its findings and recommendations to the Panel at its March 2017 Meeting (Panel 264/08 Review of Metering Dispensations and Non-Standard BM Units – Final Report).

At the Panel meeting (264/08), two recommendations were made to update the BSC to introduce new standard BM Unit configurations which reflect commonly used non-standard BM Unit configurations and to introduce a generic non-standard BM Unit process. Of the four non-confidential consultation responses we received to the review of Metering Dispensations and non-standard BM Units, three agreed with these recommendations and one made no comment.

This Modification seeks to simplify the registration of new configurations of BM Units, by amending BSC Section K.


P363 and P364 were raised on 7 December 2017. The Initial Written Assessment (IWA) was presented to the BSC Panel on 14 December 2017. It was determined that P363 and P364 shjul proceed through the Assessment Phase together due to their commonalities.

The first Workgroup was held on 5 February 2018 and second Workgroup meeting held on 5 March 2018. The third workgroup meeting was held on 1 May 2018 and fourth workgroup meeting held on 18 June 2018. A fifth Workgroup was held on 10 September 2018 and a sixthon 20 November 2018 to review draft legal text.
A combined P363 and P364 consultation was published on 7 February 2019. The Proposer and Workgroup have identified that a single solution will address both P363 and P364 and it was the single solution that was consulted on.

The combined Workgroup met a final time on 6 March 2019 to agree their final recommendations to the Panel in light of consultation feedback. 

The P363+4 combined Assessment Report was presented to the Panel on 14 MArch 2019. the Panel agreed to amalgamate P363 into P364 and allow P364 to move into the Report Phase.

Following amalgamation of P363 and P364, only the P364 page will be updated.


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Following amalgamation of P363 and P364, only the P364 page (see above) will be updated.


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