P368: Section Z and PAF Procedures

Formal title: ‘Amendments to Section Z to better facilitate the production of the Risk Evaluation Methodology, Risk Evaluation Register and Risk Operating Plan’

P368 seeks to amend provisions in the timing and revision of the PAF Procedure documents in order to support the objectives of the Performance Assurance Framework (PAF) Review in delivering a more efficient and effective PAF.

Current Status

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Report Phase
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ELEXON has identified that the linear ordering of the Performance Assurance Framework (PAF) Procedures  in BSC Section Z ‘Performance Assurance’, is a barrier to achieving a more flexible PAF and to promoting meaningful engagement with Parties and interested persons. The inability for within-period changes to the Risk Evaluation Methodology (REM) and restrictions on changes to the Risk Operating Plan (ROP) has the potential to cause inefficient and ineffective delivery of the PAF Procedures.

This Modification proposes to amend the wording of Section Z in order to remove the sequence constraint of the annual review of the REM, the Risk Evaluation Register (RER) and the ROP so they can be done in parallel. Wording shall also be added to allow within-period revisions of the REM and the ROP equal to that of the RER. Finally, wording shall be amended to allow the REM, the RER and the ROP to be produced annually in varying months of the year as opposed to a reoccurring set date.

The changes will enable the increased flexibility and effectiveness of the PAF Procedures ability to manage risk; they will allow a better understanding of the combined set of PAF Procedures and encourage increased involvement from Performance Assurance Parties. This Modification and the proposed legal text have received positive endorsement from the Issue 69 Workgroup.


The PAB made a recommendation to the Panel to raise a proposed Modification in line with BSC Section F2.1.1(d)(vi) at its meeting on 31 May 2018. On 14 June 2018, the Panel agreed to raise this Modification and progress it directly to Report Phase as a Self Governance Modification. The Report Phase Consulation was issued on the 18 June 2018 with responses due by 2 July 2018. The Draft Modification Report was presented to the Panel for decision on the 12 July 2018 and was approved. This Modification will be implemented on the 1 November 2018 as part of the November 2018 BSC Release.

Next Events

This Modification was implemented on 1 November 2018 as part of the November 2018 BSC Release.


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