P369: National Grid Legal Separation

Formal title: National Grid Legal Separation changes to BSC

P369 proposes to modify the Balancing Settlement Code (BSC) to reflect the creation of a new National Grid Electricity System Operator (NGESO) that is legally separate from National Grid Electricity Transmission Limited (NGET).

Current Status

Initial Written Assessment
Assessment Procedure
Report Phase
With Authority
Awaiting Implementation


Within the National Grid (NG) Group a new Electricity System Operator (ESO) entity (NGESO) is being established, that is legally separate from the transmission owner, NG Electricity Transmission (NGET). The separation will allow the new ESO to play a more proactive role in managing an increasingly flexible electricity system that can realise benefits for consumers. The formal separation shall be achieved by 1 April 2019.

The BSC and its Code Subsidiary Documents (CSDs) include multiple references to NGET in terms of the ESO functions set out in its Transmission Licence. Each of these references need to be reviewed to ensure that the references continue to remain accurate following the legal separation of the ESO functions from NGET, and their transfer to NGESO.


The Initial Written Assessment for this Modification was presented to the Panel at its meeting on the 12 July 2018. The Panel initially agreed to treat the Modification as a non-Self-Governace Modification and for it to progress directly to Report Phase. The Report Phase Consultation was issued on 17 July 2018 with response due by 31 July 2018. The Draft Modification Report was presented to the Panel at their meeting on 9 August 2018. The Panel approved the P369 Modification Report at its meeting on 9 August 2018 as not Self-Governance Modification. The Final Modification Report was sent to the Authority for final determination on 20 August 2018. P369 was approved by the Authority on 24 September 2018. P369 was implemented on 29 March 2019.

Next Events

No further events following the implementation of P369 on 29 March 2019.


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