P372: Speeding up the approval process for the publication of BSC data on the BMRS

Formal title: Speeding up the approval process for the publication of BSC data on the BMRS

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The Balancing Mechanism Reporting Service (BMRS) is the primary channel for providing operational data relating to Great Britain’s (GB) Electricity Balancing and Settlement arrangements, as well as REMIT and European Transparency Regulation data. It’s used extensively by market participants to help make trading decisions and understanding market dynamics, and acts as a prompt reporting platform as well as a means of accessing historic data. The BMRS has a wider user base both within and outside of the energy industry and includes traders, regulators, industry forecasting teams and academics.

The level of detail within BSC Section V is inconsistent with other sections of the Code which instead use CSDs to provide detail, leading to extended timescales involved in assessing, progressing and implementing a relatively minor and low impact BMRS change as a Modification under current arrangements.

Furthermore, because minor BMRS changes are unlikely to materially impact BSC Parties, these changes could be released more frequently than current BSC Systems Release accommodations. These visible and elongated timescales have led to recent public criticism of the process with some industry participants now looking to make their own publication arrangements rather than using the BMRS.

This would have a detrimental effect of potentially fragmenting market information across platforms and making the act of accessing market information more arduous and reducing transparency with a further adverse effect on competition.

This Modification aims to streamline BSC Section V – ‘Reporting’ by moving a selection of reports, to be determined by the Modification Workgroup, currently set out in Annex V-1, to the Reporting Catalogue and/or IDDs; or alternatively place certain reports in a separate BSC Panel controlled document, facilitating the opportunity to progress a Change Proposal in place of the requirement to progress a Modification.

It is further proposed that the operational processes followed by ELEXON to determine the scope and content of BSC Systems Releases are reviewed to determine whether new and amended publication requirements could be delivered outside of the normal release schedule.


ELEXON recommended to the Panel, at its meeting on 13 September 2018, that a Modification should be raised to simplify the process of making a low impact change to the reporting of data items on the BMRS. The Panel agreed to raise the Modification Proposal in accordance with Section F2.1.1(d)(I).



Next Events

The first Workgroup meeting will be held on 15 November 2018.


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