P430 ‘Extension of P375 to include Suppliers’

Formal title: Allow Suppliers to use metering behind the site Boundary Point

P430 seeks to extend the solution to Approved Modification P375 ‘Settlement of Secondary BM Units using metering behind the site Boundary Point’ to allow Suppliers to register Asset Meters and allocate Asset Metering System Identifier (AMSID) Pairs to Secondary Balancing Mechanism Units (SBMUs).

The Proposer believes this would address an unintended distortion in the market and enable the wider provision of Balancing Services to the system by enabling Suppliers to use metering equipment “behind” the defined Boundary Point for Settlement purposes.

The P375 solution will only allow Asset Metering Virtual Lead Parties (AMVLPs) to register Asset Metering Systems in order to obtain AMSID Pairs and to allocate those AMSID Pairs to Secondary Balancing Mechanism Units (SBMUs). It is the Proposer’s view that the P375 solution is incomplete and should be extended to also apply to Suppliers to avoid a distortion in the market that gives one industry Party role an advantage over another, when both can provide Balancing Services from behind the Meter.

Modification Withdrawal

P430 was raised to remove the need for Suppliers to undergo Qualification as an AMVLP to participate in the P375 solution . Through the Workgroup process, the Proposer and Workgroup considered whether Suppliers should be required to provide assurances that they can operate as an AMVLP. As the Proposer and Workgroup agreed that Suppliers should provide assurances that they can operate as an AMVLP (through the AMVLP Qualification process), there is no solution to be delivered under P430, and therefore it should be closed.

On Thursday 14 July 2022, P430 was officially closed following a five Business Day period where the withdrawn Modification Proposal remained open to be adopted. No requests to adopt were received and the Modification was officially closed when the time lapsed.  

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