P440 Enabling Elexon to administer the Capacity Market Advisory Group

Formal title: Enabling Elexon to administer the Capacity Market Advisory Group

The BSC does not currently allow Elexon to undertake administrative activities that would support the Capacity Market Advisory Group (CMAG). This does not align to Ofgem’s decision to appoint Elexon to undertake the CMAG administrative activities on its behalf.

This Modification should enable Elexon as the BSCCo to conduct the administrative process work for the CMAG, on a not for profit basis, that Ofgem is awarding to Elexon (subject to this Modification) per its decision dated 9 May 2022.

Elexon shall:

  • be required by the BSC to create, maintain and operate the CMAG processes in support of the Change Process for the Capacity Market Rules guidance, that Ofgem publishes;
  • be accountable to Ofgem rather than the BSC Panel for operating and maintaining (including changing) the CMAG processes; and
  • recover its costs for the administrative work from BSC Parties in proportion to their market share through the main funding share.

Current Status

Report Phase
With Authority
Awaiting Implementation


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