BSC changes streamline the Code and support new generators

ELEXON has today (27 June), on behalf of Balancing and Settlement Code (BSC) Parties, implemented 12 changes to improve the BSC for the benefit of companies in the electricity market.

ELEXON has today (27 June), on behalf of Balancing and Settlement Code (BSC) Parties, implemented 12 changes to improve the BSC for the benefit of companies in the electricity market.

Simplifying registration for new generators

The BSC, managed by ELEXON, underpins the commercial arrangements for the electricity market. Altogether, six Modifications (which amend BSC rules) and six Change Proposals (which amend BSC subsidiary documents) will come into force.

Key changes include Modification P364 which simplifies the registration and configuration of Balancing Mechanism Units (BM Units) that do not fall into standard definitions (such as ‘a Generating Unit’) in the Code.

The change will speed up registration for ‘non-standard’ BMUs which could help Parties wishing to bring new or non-traditional configurations of generating units to the market. Typically, this would be Parties using different technology types within the same BM unit.

Speeding up change process for BMRS data

Modification P372 streamlines the process for making changes to data published in the Balancing Mechanism Reporting Service (BMRS) by removing the need to raise a Modification to make such changes. This will enable additional data to be published more quickly.

ELEXON Chief Executive, Mark Bygraves, said:

“The BSC change process is highly regarded for its robust governance and best practice. However, we are always looking at how we can streamline it so that it meets the changing needs of the energy market.

“The changes we are implementing today help us to support new providers of electricity flexibility. They will also simplify the code, removing redundant BSC rules and inefficient processes.”

More detail on the changes

ELEXON has always implemented approved changes to the BSC and its underlying systems in three ‘releases’ each year. This enables industry to coordinate their own internal changes.

These changes listed below represent the June Release:


  • P364 (“Clarifying requirements for registering and maintaining BM Units”)
  • P372 (“Speeding up the approval process for the publication of BSC data on the BMRS”)
  • P367 (“Removal of obsolete Supplemental Balancing Reserve (SBR) and Demand Side Balancing Reserve (DSBR) arrangements”)
  • P377 (“Amending Gate Closure references in Market Index Data to include trades up to the Submission Deadline in the Market Index Data Calculations”)
  • P380 (“Revision to Replacement Reserve Bid Data submission deadline requirements”)
  • P381 (“Removal of Quarterly Reports where their content appears elsewhere”)

Change Proposals

  • CP1508 (“Updating references to the British and International Standards within the relevant Code Subsidiary Documents”)
  • CP1512 (“Improving the format of BSCP11 forms”)
  • CP1514 (“Number of register digits for smart Meters”)
  • CP1513 (“Updates removing inconsistencies within and between BSCP601, CoP3 and CoP5”)
  • CP1515 (“Meter Operator Agents to send Metering System Data to SMRS instead of ECOES for the Faster Switching Programme”)
  • CP1518 (“Housekeeping change to address errors in the approved changes to BSCP514 for CP1515”)

Release information

More information about the June 2019 release is published on the website.


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