BSCCo Business Plan – have your say

Today we have published our 2020/21 Business Plan which sets out how the services we offer can support the major changes we are seeing in the energy system, especially the move to ‘net zero’ carbon emissions by 2050.

Our strategy and work commitments

The Business Plan sets out our strategy and commitments to:

  • providing our existing services to industry leading standards
  • enabling and supporting innovative consumer-facing solutions
  • consolidating and simplifying central market arrangements
  • engaging with our stakeholders and delivering a truly customer-centric service
  • providing a flexible, scalable, digital platform to meet the changing energy market.

By working closely with government, the regulator and the industry, we will continue to develop solutions that support regulatory and government policy for the benefit of our customers and consumers.

Attend our webinar

To help us gather your feedback on the plan we will be staging a webinar on 15 January at 10.30am so you can find out more about the Business Plan and ask questions.

We want to hear from you

Please get in touch with us by the end of January if you have comments on the Business Plan. If you can’t attend the webinar you can email your thoughts and queries to Communications team at

Next steps

After reviewing your responses to the Business Plan we will publish a final version by the end of March 2020.


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