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Electricity Market Sandbox: we want to hear your ideas

Posted: 3 November 2017

ELEXON presented a proposal to introduce an Electricity Market Sandbox at the last BSC Panel meeting. The Sandbox will seek to enable companies to test innovations and will allow the BSC and ELEXON to support new innovations delivering benefits to parties and consumers. It will also integrate with Ofgem’s existing Sandbox and answers Ofgem’s recent call for all code bodies to introduce such mechanisms.

We are beginning to develop the Electricity Market Sandbox idea further, and we’d love to hear from companies bringing innovative products into the electricity market: Electric Vehicles, Peer to Peer Trading, Community Energy, and any other innovative technologies suitable for testing through the Sandbox.

With this project, we aim to enable proof of concept testing and remove barriers to entry for innovators, whilst helping the BSC prepare for future changes in the energy system.

We are also keen to work with other code administrators and Ofgem to deliver an enduring, cross-code solution.

ELEXON will propose a Modification at the next BSC Panel meeting on 9 November to allow the BSC Panel to implement this new approach. It will also outline how the Sandbox will operate.

For further information please email or call Peter Frampton (0207 380 4223), Market Architect at ELEXON.