ELEXON annual BSC meeting: the road to change and innovation

On 12 July 2018, ELEXON held its Annual BSC meeting and ELEXON seminar. The meeting was attended by BSC Parties, representatives from the industry, and members of the ELEXON Board and BSC Panel.

This year we had the privilege to host three exceptional keynote speakers: Dan Monzani Director of Energy Security, Networks and Markets, BEIS, Lord Hutton, Chair of Energy UK and Victoria MacGregor, Director of Energy at Citizens Advice.

The meeting, hosted by Michael Gibbons CBE, Chair of ELEXON and the BSC Panel, focused on supporting change and innovation, as both industry and customers witness a rapidly-changing energy market.   

First to speak was ELEXON CEO Mark Bygraves. Mark reflected on the achievements of last year for ELEXON and EMRS. In the face of this unprecedented amount of change, ELEXON’s CEO demonstrated the firm’s clear drive to concentrate on the future and highlighted two factors that will support ELEXON’s objective to enable innovation: technology, and simplification and consolidation of code work.

Our keynote speakers focused their contributions on the initiatives and solutions being developed and implemented to enable change and innovation, that support decarbonisation, ensure security of supply and deliver smart, flexible systems, to the benefit of the customers.

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