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ELEXON scores the highest net satisfaction rating of all the code bodies in Ofgem’s cross-code survey

Posted: 20 April 2017

A cross-code survey involving all 11 code bodies has been conducted on behalf of Ofgem by an independent research company. The survey focused on code administration and the service provided and comprised of online, telephone and in depth interviews.

Overall ELEXON scored the highest net satisfaction rating of all the code bodies, with 82% of those surveyed being satisfied with the BSC as a whole.

We came out top in several other categories too: for the provision of support that we give, 85% of respondents are satisfied with this area of our service, and a fantastic 93% of participants felt satisfied with how we keep them informed about the BSC.

In fact of the seven categories, we came first in three, second in two and third in one, and for all questions we scored above the average, leading to the assessor’s conclusion that ‘Overall, ELEXON is regarded highly’ and why our customers rate us as the best code manager, providing key market infrastructure, facilitating competition and delivering settlement services, and how our end-to-end expertise drives efficiency and effectiveness for the benefit of industry and the consumer. View the ELEXON infographics for more information.

Mark Bygraves, ELEXON CEO said, ‘I’m delighted to see that these recently released survey results by Ofgem across all of the code bodies validate our own independent annual customer survey and that ELEXON is seen as helpful, trusted, independent, reliable market experts setting the standard. There is, of course, always room for improvement and we will review the results and identify areas where we can continue to enhance the service we provide our customers. We will particularly focus how we can help our customers interpret our information. We are aware that we need to improve our website, which is why we have already started a long-term website redesign project.’