ELEXON delivers solution to continue radio teleswitch metering arrangements

ELEXON has delivered a solution so that operational costs for radio teleswitch meters can be recovered within the Balancing and Settlement Code (BSC) charging arrangements from April 2020.

What are Radio Teleswitch Meters?

Radio teleswitch meters (RTS) allow suppliers to alter when a customer’s electricity storage or water heaters take electricity from the network, to maximise lower prices. Around 1.4 million customers benefit from this through off peak tariffs from their supplier. 

Distribution System Operators (DSOs) currently pay for the RTS operating costs via the Energy Networks Association (ENA). DSOs have been in discussions with electricity suppliers about the funding of the RTS service once the current contract with ENA ends in March 2020.

Recovering operational costs for RTS meters from April 2020

Suppliers were looking for a new funding solution to keep the RTS service operational from April 2020, and until RTS meters are eventually replaced with an alternative solution. ELEXON was more than happy to help suppliers and proactively worked with the industry and Energy UK to develop a solution.

ELEXON convened the BSC Issue 84 Industry Workgroup in July 2019 to consider the issue. The group concluded that these costs could be included within the BSC charging arrangements, by amending a contract between ELEXON and the Energy Networks Association (ENA) for the provision of data.

The amendment will be effective from April 2020. This has avoided the need to create new (or separate arrangements) by using existing BSC systems and processes to recover the costs from BSC Parties. The BSC Panel approved the solution at its meeting last Thursday (12 September).

ELEXON’s CEO comments on the outcome

Mark Bygraves, ELEXON Chief Executive, said: “The speed with which a solution was arrived at demonstrates how as an expert code manager, ELEXON works closely with industry to address issues affecting Parties. This particular solution, agreed in under two months, will use existing systems and ensure consumers continue to benefit from the RTS service.”

More information about the Issue 84 workgroup


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