ELEXON tops Ofgem’s performance survey for a second year

ELEXON’s net satisfaction rating increased in Ofgem’s second cross-code administrators’ performance survey, with 86% of those being surveyed satisfied with the BSC as a whole. This means we top Ofgem’s Code Administrators’ Performance survey for a second year running, leading to the assessor’s conclusion that ‘Overall, ELEXON is regarded highly’ and our customers saying ‘…ELEXON is very good’.

The survey, involving all 11 Code Administrators, was conducted on behalf of Ofgem by an independent research company earlier this year.

The survey focused on Code administration and the service provided by Code Administrators and comprised of online, telephone and in depth interviews.

Mark Bygraves, ELEXON CEO, said ‘I’m delighted to see Ofgem’s recently released survey results for all of the Code Administrators. Once again we came top in several specific questions including overall satisfaction (86% net satisfied) and with a near perfect score (97%) for the provision of support that we give, and 95% of participants felt satisfied with how we keep them informed about the BSC.

This shows that ELEXON is highly regarded and seen as helpful, trusted, independent, reliable market experts setting the standard. We always have and always will focus our efforts on our customers. Of course, there is always room for improvement but we are thrilled with this feedback.

We will review the results and identify areas where we can continue to enhance the service we provide. Our customers have told us to particularly focus on how we can help them understand our Modification process which will, ultimately, enable change and innovation in the market’


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