ELEXON website: new design

We have been busy working on the redesign of the ELEXON website and the good news is, it’s nearly ready.

You will be able to see a preview of what it will look like and be able to explore a Beta snapshot (23 March) of the new site. A link has been added to the current website so you can access the Beta version either on your desktop or on your mobile.

Head to the home page of the current site and you should see a yellow banner with a link to the new beta site. If you don’t see it, try doing a hard refresh (press Control and F5).

The Beta site is still being worked on so you will encounter some inaccuracies but we have put in place enhancements that will allow us to develop the site further throughout the year.

Essentially though, we have improved the navigation, introduced a wider page layout, been working on better headings that help describe the Change numbering system, and improved content focus.

Desktop and mobile views

The website is now fully responsive so will work well on both desktop and mobile. Both will function in slightly different ways according to the screen size you are viewing the site from.

Shortcut to your favourites

You will be able to create your own My ELEXON area where you can add your favourite pages so you’ll able to have easy and quick access to the ones you use most often.


We have introduced a new approach, based on content lifecycle, and this will help site-search prioritise current content and web pages ahead of older content and document types. By this, we are aiming to reduce the excess of search results by promoting key web pages where the documents reside.

However, if you are looking for older content or specific documents, we have also included a filter option which will enable you to expand your search criteria.


Have a look at the Beta site. Any feedback will be welcome.

Please email communications@elexon.co.uk and let us know what you think.


Click on the X next to any of the icons to replace them with a short-cut link to the page you are currently on or search for a specific page.

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