ELEXON white paper: Enabling customers to buy power from multiple providers

We have published a white paper titled Enabling customers to buy power from multiple providers offering an ELEXON view of how BSC central services could be adapted to offer Settlement solutions in support of individual customers buying electricity from more than one Supplier.

Under the current retail arrangements, an individual consumer may only buy their power from a single Supplier. However, the market is changing and there is a growing belief, from Ofgem and others, that customers should be given more choice in how they buy (and sell) their energy.

We believe that relatively straightforward amendments to BSC central services, building upon the changes we will be delivering in 2019 to open the Balancing Mechanism to independent aggregators, could form the basis of new industry arrangements that allow customers the flexibility to buy electricity from multiple providers.

We would welcome your thoughts on this matter. Please email jon.spence@elexon.co.uk or call 020 7380 4313 to discuss your views on the content of the white paper.

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