What is ELEXON’s Foundation Programme?

We have embarked on the Foundation Programme, a multi-year programme, which will reduce time and cost for industry and BSC Parties by simplifying the change process.

The programme is part of our corporate strategy, which with the support of our stakeholders, aims to simplify and consolidate complex services, develop new market solutions and actively facilitate innovation for the benefit of the evolution of our energy markets.

Why have we launched the Programme?

We recognise that the industry is going through a period of rapid change, and to ensure we can continue to support industry needs as the administrator and operator of the BSC, we must adapt our  central systems and underlying technology platforms to meet the future needs of our customers, and to continue to support industry innovation.

Our Foundation Programme represents this shift in our transformation approach, and the programme is on track to deliver a transition to a flexible, scalable and responsive central systems data platform to support our balancing and settlement services and future industry changes.

How do I find out more?

There are several elements to our Foundation Programme and the programme is evolving at a fast pace.

Work is already underway to replace the current market entry and registrations process to speed up and automate the current, paper-based process and we are engaging with industry to shape the right solution.

To make it easier for you to see what we are doing, we have published all you need to know on the Foundation Programme online, to show you how the programme:

  • Will help to deliver a solution for P344 ‘Project TERRE’
  • Supports digitising and streamlining the market entry and registrations process
  • Will benefit new and existing market participants and central services


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