ELEXON’s Smart Meter Technical Detail report launched

We have launched the Smart Meter Technical Detail (MTD) report, an assurance report that monitors performance for the key BSC process associated with the rollout of smart meters. This report will be presented to the Performance Assurance Board (PAB) on a monthly basis and published on the key data reports section of our website. A short guidance note is also available.

With support of an industry workgroup, we identified the BSC process at highest risk over the rollout was the production and submission of key technical details related to the smart meter following its installation (known as Meter Technical Details or MTDs). Providing these technical details in a timely and correct manner is crucial for Data Collectors to interpret and validate meter reads. Failures in this process can result in meter reads being misinterpreted or unnecessary estimation of consumption, both of which have an impact on the accuracy of Settlement under the BSC.

The report provides key indicators into the operation of MTD processes at a market level and will support the activities of the PAB, who has determined that assuring BSC Settlement Risks associated with rollout of smart meters is one of its key strategic priorities in the coming years.

We’re already seeing benefits from this reporting, as we have identified performance issues related to the transfer of technical details during the ramp up in SMETS v1.0 meter installs. Working with participants to ensure compliance with these processes will be one of our key activities in the coming months.

If you are interested in our on-going smart assurance activities, keep an eye out for the findings from the smart meter rollout industry days which we will be publishing in the coming weeks.


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