Focus of 2019/20 Technical Assurance Agent specific sample audit

This year’s Technical Assurance Agent (TAA) specific sample audit starts from late July 2019 and we are helping BSC customers prepare for inspections. In the 2019/20 audit year, the TAA specific sample audit will focus on CoP 1 and CoP 2 Metering Systems.

Why CoP 1 and CoP 2 Metering Systems

During the 2019/20 audit year, the TAA will inspect 250 CoP 1 and CoP 2 Metering Systems. These Metering Systems are used to meter sites where large volumes of energy are being consumed.

The specific sample audit is important as CoP 1 and CoP 2 Metering Systems are deemed by the Performance Assurance Board (PAB) to be of higher risk. This is because they are measuring high volumes of energy per site, and use remote measurement transformers.

Preparing for Inspection Visits

It is essential that the TAA can access the Metering Equipment to carry out an Inspection Visit. We want to avoid cases where the TAA cannot get access, as it will save time and money for the industry and everyone concerned.

ELEXON advice

  • If you are unclear about your obligations, please ask us for more detail so that cases where sites cannot be accessed are avoided
  • Contact the TAA promptly to find out about expected dates of Inspection Visits
  • Have a clear view on when access will be achievable and when it is not
  • Notify us if you are having trouble contacting other parties that are required to attend the site to assist the TAA, such as Licenced Distribution System Operators (LDSOs)

Obligations under the BSC

Registrants of Half Hourly Metering Systems

Registrants of Half Hourly Metering Systems are obligated under the Balancing and Settlement Code (BSC) to provide access to Metering Systems so that the TAA can undertake Inspection Visits.

The obligation in BSCP27 (Section 1.12) states:

The Registrant shall be required to ensure that the Meter Operator Agent (MOA) and LDSO (mandatory attendance for High Voltage Metering Systems) or Transmission Company (if necessary) will be in attendance and that the person attending the site is technically competent to discuss problems relating to any defects or non-compliances and able to agree the resolution of any defects or non-compliances. The person should be able to access all the relevant Metering Equipment (where safe access is possible).

Licenced Distribution System Operator obligations

To enable the TAA to complete full Inspection Visits of Metering Equipment with remote Current Transformers (CTs) and Voltage Transformers (VTs), it is vital that a Licenced Distribution System Operator (LDSO) representative attends the Inspection Visit to provide the TAA with access to all of the Metering Equipment.

If you are the Registrant of a Half Hourly Metering System, please ensure you request that an LDSO representative attend site. As an LDSO, please ensure you attend site when requested.

Outcome of the audit

The specific sample audit will be run in addition to the TAA main sample audits. ELEXON will report the results of the specific sample to the PAB on a quarterly basis. As well as monitoring compliance, the PAB will provide assurance that relevant standards are being maintained regarding the provision of access to Metering Equipment on site.

Background to the audit

The TAA is a BSC Party Agent. ELEXON procures the services of the TAA to carry out audits of Half Hourly Metering Systems (in Measurement Class C) in accordance with Section L7 ‘Technical Assurance of Metering Systems’ of the Balancing and Settlement Code (BSC).

The TAA audits Metering Systems to ensure compliance with the relevant Code of Practice (CoP), Section L of the BSC and all relevant Balancing and Settlement Code Procedures (BSCPs). This may provide assurance that Metering Systems are accurate.

In each audit year, the TAA carries out a main sample of Central Volume Allocation (CVA) Metering Systems and Supplier Volume Allocation (SVA) Metering Systems.

Where the Performance Assurance Board (PAB) agrees, the TAA will also perform a specific sample audit of SVA Metering Systems.


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