Half Hourly Settlement design event: 15 May 2018 – White paper session added

We are hosting a stakeholder event on the Half Hourly Settlement design consultation. The event will take place on 15 May 2018, from 10:00 to 15:00 at ELEXON’s offices
We will devote part of the afternoon to present our White paper: Enabling customers to buy power from multiple providers. This white paper offers an ELEXON view of how BSC central services could be adapted to offer Settlement solutions in support of individual customers buying electricity from more than one Supplier. We believe that relatively straightforward amendments to BSC central services, building upon the changes we will be delivering in 2019 to open the Balancing Mechanism to independent aggregators, could form the basis of new industry arrangements that allow customers the flexibility to buy electricity from multiple providers.
This is an opportunity for participants to ask questions to the white paper author, ELEXON Senior Market Advisor Jon Spence, who will be presenting the paper.  

The morning will focus on presenting the five skeleton Target Operating Models (TOMs) developed by the Design Working Group. These describe options for the end-to-end Settlement process for Half Hourly Settlement.  Following engagement with the Design Advisory Board (DAB) and recommendation from the TOM Board the five TOMs have been approved by Ofgem’s Senior Responsible Officer (SRO).
An industry consultation has been issued, seeking stakeholder views on the skeleton TOMs to inform them as they proceed to stage 2, which is where the detailed design of the skeleton TOMs will be undertaken.
Through this event, we hope to inform a wider audience of the skeleton TOMs designs and principles and provide any additional detail that stakeholders may require before responding to the Design Working Group consultation.

Ofgem will provide an update on their policy work on Data Privacy, Agent Functions and the Business Case for Half Hourly Settlement and there will be an opportunity for questions and comments from the audience throughout the day.

To register, please complete the form on the Half Hourly Settlement consultation stakeholder event page of our website.

It is anticipated that this event will be popular and spaces are limited. Therefore we request that interested parties only register one attendee per organisation.


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