Hot off the press: European Network Codes implementation plan

We have developed a European Network Codes (ENCs) implementation plan in collaboration with National Grid and Energy Networks Association. You can download the plan on Europe page of the our website, under related content.

With this implementation plan ELEXON aims to support BSC Parties and Code Administrators in managing the changes that the Network Codes and Guidelines will introduce.

On 3 March 2011, the European Third Energy Package came into effect with the aim of developing a more harmonised European energy market. This legislation required the development of the ENCs, which would apply across Europe and take precedence over existing national arrangements. The introduction of the ENCs will have a far reaching impact on the GB electricity industry, with changes required to grid connections, markets and system operation. Whilst the final ENCs are expected to enter into force in 2017, implementation activities in GB will continue for a number of years.


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