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Introducing ELEXON’s new System Price Analysis Dashboard

Posted: 12 December 2017

The way in which System Prices are calculated will be changing on 1 November 2018. To help you prepare, ELEXON has introduced a new System Price Analysis Dashboard. The Dashboard can help you understand the impact of this change, by modelling System Prices under the November 2018 scenario. The key benefits are:

  • This data visualisation tool can be used to analyse System Prices, such as average price differences, maximums, or minimums.
  • The dashboard affords greater control to the user. If you wanted to analyse a specific set of Settlement Dates, or drill-down to a half hour Settlement Period-level, this is now possible through the dashboard filters.
  • The dashboard is refreshed daily, so you will always have the latest pricing view.

This change is a result of BSC Modification P305 which was implemented on 5 November 2015. It was raised to progress the conclusions to Ofgem’s Electricity Balancing Significant Code Review (EBSCR).

Are you prepared? Or is this the first time you have heard of this upcoming change? Thankfully, there is still time. Take advantage of ELEXON’s new System Price Analysis Dashboard and reports to be prepared.

If you have any questions about the System Price Analysis Dashboard or its data, please get in touch with market.operations@elexon.co.uk.