Issue 76 considers suspension of Capacity Market

Issue 76 has been raised by BSC Party VPI Immingham LLP, on 6 December 2018, to examine the possibility of using the BSC to collect the equivalent of the scheduled Capacity Market (CM) Supplier Charge amounts from Suppliers.

How it relates to you

The General Court of the Court of Justice ruled that state aid for the UK Capacity Market should end, resulting in the suspension of CM payments. While the legislative framework around the CM stands alone from the BSC, the Suppliers charged with collecting CM payments from customers are all BSC signatories and it is BSC meters which are used to collect CM payments.

The BSC therefore potentially offers a route not to replicate the CM arrangements, but to allow for pragmatic contingency planning.

This proposal will be of interest to Suppliers and Capacity Providers.

Participate in Issue 76

We are currently seeking Issue Group members to discuss the use of the BSC to help stabilise the market.

If you would like to be become a member of the Issue Group, please email


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