New Market Reports from ELEXON: providing easy access to your Settlement data

As we want to make it easy for you to access your Settlement data and your peers’ Settlement data too, we are publishing three new data reports as a proof of concept. These aggregate the Settlement data into an easy-to-use CSV format that you can download from the ELEXON Portal. You just need to be a BSC Party and have a Portal account. The reports are published as ‘Market Reports’.

What do you think about Market Reports? As ‘Market Reports’ is a proof of concept, we are seeking your feedback. Tell us what you think about the reports, any improvements that could be made or new reports you’d like to see?

What’s in the reports?

Market Report 1A: provides a summary of the core components for calculating the Total Cashflow that Parties pay in the Advice Notes. The data is summed for each Party on each Settlement Date.

Market Report 2A: provides data that can be used to analyse and view trends of Trading Charges that are paid through the Funds Administration Advice Notes. In the Advice Notes Parties pay the SF Charge first and then pay the ‘deltas’ or difference when the Trading Charges are recalculated at a later Settlement Run Type.

Market Report 3A: provides data on the operation of individual Balancing Mechanism (BM) Units for each BSC Party. The data is provided using the latest Settlement Runs (from II) at a monthly granularity. It can be used to view the performance of BM Units and for reviewing the Generation and Demand Capacity.

Want to know more? Contact Market Operations at ELEXON.


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